Dragon City Guide

Dragon City Guide – Ultimate Guide

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Dragon City Guide

Love to play games that are all about dragon’s simulation, breeding, development of a city and things like this? If your answer is a big Yes then you have reached the destination. There are lots of games that are all about dragons and these are high in demand but only few game developer studios are achieving the success. This is all about gameplay and visuals. Dragon city is the popular name that is trending these days. This is available for IOS and Android devices with lower configuration requirement. The developer of this amazing game is Social Point. The reviews regarding the game are positive and it has 4.6 stars rating on Play Store and similar on App Store. If you are playing this game and still a beginner then you can read this Dragon City Guide and get help in progression with ease.

Dragon City – Overview

Dragon city guideThis game is about breeding and you have dragons to breed. The developers are offering you a number of dragons and still there are more than 100. You can gain any of them and breed them. You have to option to upgrade these dragons and make them more powerful.

You are here to reach on the apex of the game by achieving the goals. You have to be the best Dragon Master. This is possible if you pay attention toward leveling up. Training is the next most important thing and you should be spending a little time on this process. It is little bit time consuming but you have to do this because you will be fighting against other real-life players taking your dragon into the battlefield.

Building your city is also the goal and you have to keep on spending time on all aspects so that you can upgrade dragons, train them and build an awesome city. You are able to breed 10 types of dragons and developers provided the option to combine them and getting hybrids.

Things Required To Start With A Boost

Every game has some currencies that help in progression and the goes with dragon city. Gold is the primary currency that is required for level ups and gem is the premium currency. Gems are used in important things and these are really hard to earn that’s why you should spend it wisely. Food is third and the main requirement in feeding the dragon and you have to feed with right elements. EXP is experience points in the game and this shows the progression.

Everything has some EXP and when you complete them then you earn these points. You have to pay attention toward this to reach on top of the leaderboard. There are hundreds of missions and some of them can’t be completed until your dragon is on the right level. In such condition, you have to use your currencies. Always try to collect resources as much as you can. If you are not able to earn currencies in sufficient amount then this can be trouble for you.

“Dragon City offers in-game purchases so that users can spend real money and get required amount of resources quickly”

Breeding Tips

In this game, breeding is a main and first method that will be helping you get more dragons in the initial levels. You have ten types of dragons and you are able to choose any two of them for breeding purpose. Now, the children of these dragons will match to parent’s stats. Sometimes, you can find that the children do not match with parent’s stats and this is the twist in game. You are able to get more powerful dragons with experiments and it is quite effective. These experiments will be helping in getting ultimate dragons.

Beginner Guide: If you are at the beginning of the game then you can choose earth dragon for breeding. These are helpful in collecting gold faster from the habitats. This is helpful in getting dragons and increasing the population faster.

Intermediates Guide: If you are an intermediate or you play very less on short burst then you should try water dragons. These take a little time and when you will be playing the game for next time then you can find some more powerful dragons. These dragons have the higher gold capacity that is quite helpful.

You should be earning basic things like gold, gems and farming food to play effectively. There are many methods to do every single thing so learn all of them.

Dragon City Guide : The Methods To Earn Gold In Dragon City

There is no doubt in the fact that gold matters the most in the game and if you want to earn it then there are various methods you have to keep in mind. First of all, you can try putting the dragon in habitat. The dragon you are putting in habitat will provide you sufficient amount of gold and the amount varies according to the dragon. We recommend you to try this method but keep on upgrading the dragon so that you get higher amounts. This is really helpful in earning more but this requires feeding. You need to learn the method of feeding with right element. On the other hand, you need more food for this purpose.

How To Earn Gems Faster And Conveniently?

Gem is the premium currency and it is very helpful in many stages of the game. There is no doubt that it is too much hard to earn but you have some methods that can assist you to earn a decent amount. The amount seems less in beginning but keeps on collecting and don’t use it to reach on the higher amount. You will automatically get to know about right time to use it. Well, these methods are:

  1. Dragon league tournament is the first and most effective method that is given in bottom right of the game Fight with other players and win to earn 2 Gems as well as gold.
  2. Building dragon stadium and fighting in it will be offering you 2 gems. This is completely easy and too much-preferred
  3. Daily bonus can help in earning around 45 gems that’s why don’t miss it until you feel that you have a good
  4. The leveling up offers you 1 Gem and it is not much but quite helpful. You will be completing initial levels faster and that can provide you few gems for sure.
  5. Monday reward is provided by the developers and it offers you 4 gems as you choose right gift prize.

This is all, quick, easy and effective method to collect gems! Always pay attention to these and never miss a chance to earn it.

“Spend your gems wisely otherwise you have to rely on spending money and such methods. Some websites offer free gems but stay away from unauthorized sources otherwise you can end up getting into unwanted issues”

Build Farms

Food is most important element of this game and if you are willing to go well then you has to build farms. This may be easy in beginning to build but after that, you have to think about the upgrades so that you can collect more food. In order to build food farm at level 1, you have to spend 100 gold and it require 100 XP. The size of food farm is 1X3 and if you are going to have Big Food Farm then you can sell the old one for 50 Gold. You can also the largest farm that is called as Huge Food Farm. This is available for 500,000 Gold and EXP required is 250,000 points. Well, this is too high and you have to play for long time because you can’t purchase this until you are on level 18. These are for max level dragons because on those stages, you have to feed with such a good amount and the dragons will be helping you earn higher amount of gold from habitats.

How to Gain Experience Points Faster?

EXP is very important in the game and it can be earned by many methods but you can try some of the best tricks because these will be providing you more points.

  1. You can earn EXP on the purchase of farm and this provides a good amount of EXP but if you sell the farm then it will be giving some more points.
  2. Keep on following the previous point until you have a good amount of gold but don’t end up wasting gold to earn points.
  3. Leveling up provides more EXP but it takes time than other methods. Don’t worry because this is part of the game and you will be doing it.
  4. Breeding the dragon will be helping in getting few more EXP that can add up and the same goes for hybrids.
  5. Building things is one more thing that is helpful in getting EXP with ease. After this, you can rely on battling.

These are some of the tasks you will be doing in the game, some require consideration and some are important so you will be doing that for upgrades. These methods will help in progression but if you want to go fast than microtransaction can help you out.

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